• Model: 39-933LH

Left Hand shown

Ordering Instructions:
1. Determine window handing by viewing from the outside looking in. If the casement window hinge is on the right side, you need a right hand limiting device.
2. Confirm the hinge cavity on your casement window (See Fig. 2). The hinge cavity needs to be .719 (23/32") wide x .438 (7/16") deep.
Note: The SafeGard™ Limiting Control Device will only work in casement windows that have a standard hinge cavity with measurements as stated above.
Includes: Arm Assembly, Track Assembly, Template, Window Label, Screw Pack (4 screws) and Operating and Installation Instructions
• The SafeGard™ is the Industry's first limiting control device offered for casement windows.
The SafeGard™ Limit Device was tested & certified
• to meet ASTM F2090-10 code requirements. The
ASTM F2090 addresses window fall prevention, that
helps protect against potential falls by children through
open windows.
The SafeGard™ Limit Device provides a means that
• will limit the venting of the window to less than 4".
As required by code, the SafeGard™ Limit Device
• has a two (2) action operation to fully open the window
for egress purposes. This operation can be performed
without the use of keys or tools.
Easy to follow opening and release instructions appear
• on the vent arm. Note: The device will re-latch or reset
automatically when window is in closed position.
The SafeGard™ Limit Device's track, arm and rivet are
• made entirely of authentic stainless steel with Delran
cover and tab.
The SafeGard™ Limit Device is reliable, easy to install
• and easy to operate. This device meets today's more
stringent safety requirements. Please consult local
building codes for WOCD and applicable requirements.