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Thanks for your great service and the lock mechanism was exactly right. Was sure nice to find someone who knew what they were taking about. Great service in a timely matter.

Rated by dean howell

Thank you for providing me with an exact replacement. It works great and costs about the same for a locksmith visit…even though no locksmith in the area would come out. Thanks again!

Rated by John Brinson

I provided all the measurements for my HOPPE Lock-set on the pdf. questionnaire and the part I received fit my door exactly. Took all of 10 minutes to replace and the bolt and latch action is super smooth. No locksmith in my area would touch this unless I first agreed to an $80 visit. So I saved money, too. Anyone can swap these gears out. Very easy. Thank you for identifying the exact replacement Window and Door Parts!

Rated by John Brinson

Easy to install. Exact replacement that was needed.

Rated by Sean Devlin

excellent product. Have ordered it twice and had great luck each time. Customer service is great, as they were readily available and very helpful when i had a couple of installation questions.

Rated by Carl Neff

Quick and prompt service that delivered the perfect part. Part was easy to install and works great.

Rated by David Diorio

I wanted to let you know the part you sent me worked perfectly. Thanks for the assist. Vince

Rated by Vince Connolly

Received the product in a timely fashion. No problem with WindowandDoorParts/AFM, llc. My issue is with the original product that this replaces. This is a HOPPE North American product which HOPPE states has a lifetime warranty against "material" defects. This item failed because of a cast metal cam with "teeth" that stripped from normal use in a door latch/lock. HOPPE will not deal with me directly, stating that I have to go through the door manufacturer, Windsor Doors and Windows, who uses the HOPPE latch/lock assemblies in its Pinnacle series doors. However, Windsor has an arbitrary 10 year warranty that includes the latch/lock product and thus its vendors refuse to replace the item except if I purchase the replacement. This makes no sense since HOPPE's warranty should supersede Windsor's. I am willing to pay shipping and handling, but not the replacement cost of over $100. Currently, I am trying to convince Windsor and HOPPE to honor the HOPPE warranty.

Rated by Pete Check
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