• Model: 88L-32s50

32 Length 50 lbs sash weight • Adjustable on site by +/- 2 lbs. Special order allow 3 weeks. The heavy duty Grey Ultralift is not only an excellent product for counterbalancing windows from 10lbs. to 100 lbs.; it also reduces the manual force required to open and close windows by 50%. Standard balances only provide about 40% of the sash weight while the Ultralift lifts 70% of the sash weight. This makes the Ultralift an excellent product to use in nursing homes, schools and windows that are difficult to access. These balances can be used in sashes from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. in weight. 1. Supply information stamped on balance. 2. First set of numbers represent the tube length of balance (actual tube length is 1/2" longer than number stamped on balance). 3. Second set of number represents the sash weight (balances are pre-tensioned to the exact weight of sash).

Orders over 1,500 balances include $150.00 shipping fee.