• Model: 50-1288

PRO-Latch   Featuring automatic locking action and a removable cover, Cover not included. PRO-Latch offers the ability to provide cost-effective proprietary aesthetics as well as architectural finishes. Whether you’re looking for a composite or metal cover, or a mechanism that is surface mounted or recessed into the profile, we’ve designed a variety of options to accommodate your needs. And if we haven’t already designed it, we’d be happy to meet your specifications. 
Product Features 
-Removable snap-on cover (composite or metal options)
-Fits most sliding and hung window applications 
-Multiple fixing locations available
-Hurricane rated in impact-certified applications
-Robust dual hooks for superior FER resistance 
-Economical private labeling or proprietary covers available 
-Surface mounted or recessed into profile 
-Proven track record – several million PRO-Latch units sold
-Patented mechanism and cover designs  
Product Specifications 
- ± 2.032 mm (0.080”) of misalignment tolerance in all directions
- ± 2.032 mm (0.080”) – ±4.064 mm (0.160”) of lateral adjustment depending on keeper design 
-Passes all required FER testing requirements for sliding and hung windows 
-Has been Dade County certified in certain impact window applications  
-Has exceeded 145 kg (320 lbs) per lock in a pull test 
-Endurance tested to 36,000 operating cycles 
-Neutral Salt Spray tested 1,000 hours minimum 
Materials & Finishes 
-Chassis is die cast Zinc Alloy 3 with Interlock’s proprietary pre-treatment process
-Polymer components are UV stabilized composite 
-All springs are stainless steel
-Composite covers available in a variety of colors to match profile