• Model: 50-1360SBW
A dimension 9/32 inch to 5/16 inch.
Color White. Packed with Screws & Sold in Pairs (RH Shown).
Made of Stamped Steel with Stainless Steel Pin and Spring.
The Reverse Retrofit Angel Ventlock is the ideal limit control device in aftermarket applications. This Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) can be mounted on a vinyl, wood or aluminum single hung or double hung window.
The Reverse Retrofit Angel Ventlock version attaches to the window frame and must be mounted to restrict the sash opening to less than four inches. These units are single action, so installing one on either side of the window frame ensures compliance with the code ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010.
Various sizes and finishes of the Reverse Retrofit version are shown below. Selection is dependent upon the distance from the face of the frame to the face of the sash. Simply measure the distance between the two and choose the part number from the chart below.