• Model: 56-185

56-185 Powdered Metal Deadbolt.  60 mm Backset.Additional parts may be needed for top and bottom extensions.

Change Handing: 1. Insert screw driver into slot behind latch 2. Pull down on handing release, latch pops out 3. Rotate latch and push back into lock case ALWAYS Check Function of lock before closing door

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- Made from the finest 300 series stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance
- Incorporates the "Baby-Sitter Effect" that allows the consumer to operate the dead bolt and
extension bolts independently of each other, eliminating the necessity for the consumer to
lift the lever handle and engage the shoot bolts before activating the dead bolt
- Incorporates an "Anti-Slam" device that prevents the lock bolts from extending until the door
is in the closed position, eliminating the potential for door frame damage by the consumer
- The shoot and dead bolts extend a full one-inch to meet the highest levels of structural
testing, and meets most local building codes
- Mechanism has anti-backdrive provisions on the deadbolt and shoot bolts to help
prevent tampering
-The extension bolt incorporates the necessary lead-in to provide significant pull-in of the
door (Concealed Lock has .290" of pull-in/Face mounted has .136" of pull-in)
-More consumer friendly to lock the shoot bolts and open the door, requiring only 35°
of handle rotation
- Robust and durable handle return spring design to prevent handle sag over time
- The handle is locked out when multipoint is in its locked position
- Withstands abusive torques of over 500 lbs
- Lab tested to over 50,000 cycles
- The lock unit is one of the easiest and quickest to reverse the direction of the latch
- The very modular design gives flexibility to accommodate a variety of door sizes
and options
- Lock has 2 3/8" backset
- Spacer standoffs are utilized to prevent the lock system from binding when mounting
screws are accidentally over tightened
- A simple one step route profile for easier fabrication
- Easy peg-hole connection for quick installation