• Model: 850-2664572
F42-R Satin Nickle Hoppe Guide hinge. Steel guide hinges with non-removable pin. Steel reinforcements – Makes this new hinge the “Ultimate" with door systems. Designed to carry up to 165lbs. per door.
Corrosion Resistant – Specially coated components for improved durability and strength.
There are two types of adjustable hinges for each door panel. A. Set Hinge: One per panel. This has vertical adjustment ± 3mm. B. Guide Hinge: Minimum of two per panel. These hinges only have the horizontal adjustment ± 2mm.
When the vertical adjustment is turned clockwise, the non-adjustable leaf will move in the direction of the arrow. The vertical adjustment has 32 turns from it's extremes, and the horizontal has 7 turns. Adjust the horizontal by turning clockwise to increase the margins. Turn counter clockwise to decrease the margins

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