• Model: 854-10545
Active door 854-10545

The Hawk 3-point locking system features locking with 1” (25 mm) deadbolt and two additional 3/4” (20 mm) latches which become deadbolts for maximum security and protection against warping of the door panels. The system may be locked by operating the lever handle & thumb-turn or with the Hawk’s unique “Babysitter” function which fires all the locking points and secures the door. Also featured is our 900 locking mechanism that utilizes a US cylinder with a Schlage “C” keyway system.

Key Features:
• 1” (25 mm) throw on deadbolt
• Standard “Babysitter” system locking
• Two beveled latches constructed of hardened steel
• US design with deadbolt located above lever
• Lever controlled engaging and releasing of beveled latches
and center latch
• Locking and deadbolt engagement by US-Cylinder system
with a 900 turn of key or thumb-turn
• Non-handed
• Heavy duty mortise construction with reinforced lever return
spring system
• Available in standard finish or stainless steel for increased
corrosion resistance
• Same hardware groove detail throughout our entire door lock
program (router bits available