• Model: 56-480

Sentinel Mortise type NO astragal. Has deadbolt communication with the active panel lock. Special order only. Non-returnable. Minimum order of 5.

Mortise type (no astragal)

Has deadbolt communication with the active panel lock

When shoot bolts are extended and the active deadbolt is fully extended, the passive lock shoot bolts cannot be retracted. This prevents the homeowner from opening the passive panel with active deadbolt extended, which might damage the panel. Prevents active lock deadbolt from extending unless the passive shoot bolts are extended. Tells the homeowner to lock the passive panel first.

-After shoot bolt extension, it has a thumb turn mechanism to manually lock the passive shoot bolts in the extended position.
-Requires a passive trimset that has a thumb turn.
-Has deadbolt communication like above if the astragal is thin enough to allow the deadbolt to engage the blocker. However, this is typically used for thicker astragal applications with no communication with the active lock.