• Model: 13-291 White

Patio door handle set color White. No Keylock. Center Latch

What is the difference between Sash Controls 2265

Offset and Center Latch Handles?

Look Closely and you will notice the Thumb Latch position is different.

13-291 series is located directly CENTER of the 2 mounting screws CENTER LATCH 

13-245 series is located BELOW center of the mounting screws.OFFSET LATCH

It worked out just fine thank very much Nick,,,,,Vince ...

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Great price, fast shipping, and fit like a charm. Replaced in about 10 mins. ...

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Received handle promptly and it fits perfectly. Thank you ...

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I am absolutely delighted! 3 days after ordering the controls handle, I had not yet received an email telling me ...

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Please check the Thumb lock position to your old Handle 

How to check: 
Look on the back of the inside Interior handle where the thumb latch passes through. There are 2 slots 1 marked "A" and 1 marked "B".
If "B" (Lower Latch slot) is where your Thumb latch passes through you have an Offset Latch. and this handle will NOT work.
If "A" (Upper Latch Slot) is where your Thumb lock goes through? You have a Center Latch and this handle will work. 

Here is the link for Sach Controls Offset Latch products 13-245