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Nick was very helpful.with the selection of the part that I needed. Actually, I only needed to replace the lower right hinge. The window works fine with the existing upper right hinge.

Rated by James Litman

Just finished installing four sets of these hinges for my casement windows. Good news and bad news: very good quality, window pieces move very smoothly. Bad news, they work very smoothly with necessary modifications on my part. There exist four mounting holes in the hinge track, for anchoring to the window frame. The hinge slider has perhaps 1/16-1/8" clearance to the hinge track, but the four mounting holes are not countersunk. Round head screws stick up above the hole, such that they will not allow the hinge slider to clear the screw heads. Same with flat head screws, as they also stick up due to the above mentioned lack of countersinking. I bought a 90 degree countersink (angle is important), and spent an hour or two countersinking two holes on each track (on those two holes affected by the hinge slider's movement). They worked great after that, but I guess I'm wondering why someone didn't think through how to handle the lack of clearance between the slider and the track. Oh, well, McGyver would have done the same.

Rated by Greg Olson
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